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Orange - Benjamin (ZHANG Bin 本杰明), CHEN Weidong The art in this book is phenomenally beautiful and is its one saving grace. The dialogue is either poorly written, poorly translated, or both. The plot is whisper-thin: Orange is a teenage girl who wants to jump off a building because life is lame and being a teen is hard. The author also makes it clear that Orange has a deep aversion to all things sexual, but gives no reason for including this detail and no background on why the character feels this way. Included as a sort of appendix are more beautiful pictures by the author as well as a few strange, near-suicidal rantings of his own that left me confused and uncomfortable.

In a nutshell, what could have been an excellent story is left undeveloped, causing an odd pairing of transcendent pictures and teen angst that makes Bella look mature and well-adjusted.

Recommend to: Art fans

Don't recommend to: Younger teens, the highly impressionable