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Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: The Circle - Gail Simone, Terry Dodson, Bernard Chang, Ron Randall, Rachel Dodson, Mercedes Lackey Summary: Wonder Woman makes friends with some sentient gorillas, fights to save her homeland from invading Nazi goons and her mother from the former members of the queen's personal guard, and faces off with a member of another DC franchise over the fate of the Khund.

Verdict: Strangely bland.

Yay!: Mercedes Lackey writes a great introduction to this volume. Wonder Woman's core values are shown as she tries to befriend enemies, kicks butt, and extends mercy. The fight scenes are decent, and the brief origin story was interesting.

Nay!: The blurb and the introduction promise an earth-shattering secret about Diana's birth, but nothing earth-shattering is revealed. More dramatic information is hinted at, but not given yet. All in all, this story is nothing to write home about. Wonder Woman easily saves the day in what could have been several epic battles, all with emotion that's curiously difficult to connect with and no sense of humor. Somehow, portraying her as the goddess she is makes Wonder Woman hard for mere mortals to relate to. On the other hand, she's as serious and feminist as someone dressed as an absolute sex object can be, so props to her.