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Lips Touch: Three Times - Jim Di Bartolo, Laini Taylor Excellent example of why you should never judge a book by its cover or title! I felt extremely silly checking this out, and I firmly expected it to be another book in the Marked vein (yay, I punned.) I was extremely gratified to find myself mistaken.

The book contains three short stories, all of which hinge on a kiss, and all of which are prefaced by graphic prologues (as in graphic novel, not as in graphic sex or violence...sorry.) The illustrations are beautiful and not at all gratuitous; they all provide background information.

The writing is excellent, as is character development, in all three stories. The stories are dark and sly, not sweet or even romantic, although they are quite sensual nonetheless. Only one of them features a real love story, and that love is bought at a very high price indeed.

The only reason I gave this book four stars was the third story, which I felt tried to do too much in such a short space. Otherwise, I would have gladly given the full five. I highly recommend this unusual, inspired collection.

Recommend to: Age 14+, fantasy/horror fans, fans of the current creatures of the night craze in YA lit, graphic novel fans, anyone who appreciates beautiful prose.

Don't recommend to: Anyone sick of the creatures of the night craze...but try them again in a couple of years.