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Spider-Man Noir - David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky, Carmine Di Giandomenico If you're a purist, you should probably walk away from this Spidey retelling immediately. Maybe you should even flee screaming, because otherwise, you may finish with the desire to form a torch mob and march on the publisher.

BUT! If you like reimaginings of familiar tales and characters, go grab a copy right now. While it doesn't go too in-depth, Spider-man Noir is a great concept that turns the traditional Spidey on his ear. Most of the familiar faces are here, albeit with very different thoughts happening behind them, and while Peter Parker isn't the boy next door here, he maintains his desire for right to triumph.

My only true complaint is that the art is so dark. Of course it's noir, it's supposed to be dark, etc. However, the contrast is so low that many of the panels seem muddy, and the action scenes can be clunky.

Recommend to: Superhero fans with open minds.