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Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 1: Orientation - Thomas Siddell What a delightful comic! Spunky, likeable heroines, quirky robots, possessed toys, hot gym teachers... There's a little something for everyone in this unique story. The giggles and action never stop except to interject the occasional sobering note of tragedy when the heroine recalls her mother or bitterness when anyone brings up her absent father. Still, she never gets maudlin or whines but shoulders on with sarcasm and practicality. The supporting cast are hilarious and mysterious by turns, and the beautifully rendered physical book is a pleasure to hold and read.

While I've seen this story compared to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the similarities actually end at the heroine attending a boarding school with a few magical elements and a threatening forest. The magic is matched by equally whimsical science fiction, and the more serious plotlines are balanced by seriously amusing filler pages at the end of each chapter.

I cannot wait to read Gunnerkrigg Court, Volume 2: Research! I'm going to request it from my local library right now.

Recommend to: Age 13+, webcomic fans, shojo manga fans, reluctant readers, possessed plush toys.

Don't recommend to: Sticks in the mud.