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Swallow Me Whole - Nate Powell Summary: Two step-siblings struggle with mental disorders, one plagued by imaginary bugs and voices of dead creatures, the other by a tiny wizard on his pencil who tells him what to do.

Verdict: A solid but strange piece with a few flaws.

Yay!: Graphic novel format is a terrific way to treat the topic of hallucinatory disorders, because the reader can see what the character sees. Occasionally the reader doesn't know if they are looking at reality or delusion, but that's the point. This story is a sometimes-difficult look at the effects of mental illness on a child's life experiences, family, and future. The art is, for the most part, terrific.

Nay!: The words are crammed into their bubbles so tightly that reading the text is often a strain. Having two step-siblings and a grandmother who are all schizophrenic in one family is also a bit of a stretch and clutters the book at times. A little mental illness goes a long way.