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The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe - Theodore Gray, Nick Mann Summary: An illustrated guide to the elements by an author who thoroughly knows (and tries to collect) the entire periodic table.

Verdict: True love!

Yay!: The photographs are visually striking, earning this book my nomination for Best Coffee Table Book of EVER. The elements are shown in pure form when possible and in usable form when not, the images sliced away from their original backgrounds and placed on stark black for emphasis. Beyond the photographs, the writing is not your typical dry science diatribe. Gray has a fun, direct, sometimes bitingly sarcastic tone, chatting to the reader about each element's habits, uses (or lack thereof), the time one of his samples got confiscated by the FBI, and the politics of the scientific community.

Nay!: More elements need to be invented so the author can write an expanded edition. Get on that, scientists!