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Need - Carrie Jones Summary: After Zara's stepfather dies, her mother sends her to live in Maine with her grandmother. But Zara's sleepy little town isn't so sleepy: boys are disappearing, mysterious gold dust turns out to be a sign of malevolent pixies, and Zara's crush Nick isn't what he seems, either.

Yay!: Zara is intelligent for the most part. Her plan to save the day in the end of the story is very practical and sane. Her quirk of memorizing phobias is a nice touch and is even worked into the chapter titles. The focus of the story is more on her self-discovery and the strange goings-on in her town rather than the romance, so it's not another Twilight clone. Oh, and hero's not a big jerk, but she likes him anyway! What a concept.

Nay!: The writing is bland and sometimes the dialog clunks along. The romance could use a little more fire. Also, note to YA paranormal romance authors: give up on trying to be mysterious. Everyone knows the hero's a werewolf or the heroine's really a fairy princess or whatever. It's been done over and over. Can we speed the plot along, please? Also, (spoilers coming) it turns out Zara's mother is aware that she's sending Zara into dangerous territory, so why the heck does she pack her off to Maine? Nice going, Mom. Also, DUH pixies can't cross iron! Am I the only person who doesn't find this new and surprising when it comes up in pretty much every fairy story, not to mention being one of the main traditional defenses against the Folk, besides giving them milk and honey in hopes they'll leave you alone?

Verdict: A bit wooden and forced, but good recreational reading.