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Season for Temptation - Theresa Romain Theresa Romain makes her historical romance debut with this tale of two sisters, one suitor and a scandal the ton won't soon forget.

James, Viscount Matheson needs to marry quickly if he's to restore his family name after the sensational end of his sister's marriage. Luckily he's already found the perfect bride in the person of striking and poised Louisa Overton. Perhaps their courtship played out more like a business transaction than a romance, but with his family's reputation on the line, James is unconcerned with the luxury of true love. His practical approach works at first, but then a visit to his intended brings him face-to-face with her beautiful, impetuous stepsister Julia. Suddenly, James finds himself betrothed to one sister but in love with the other. For free-spirited Julia, it's also love at first sight, but how can she ever be with James without breaking Louisa's heart?

Although the plot may sound spicy, its execution is surprisingly sweet natured. Julia loves James from afar, unaware that Louisa does not want to marry at all, and James struggles to make the best of his engagement to Louisa in spite of his attraction to Julia. Readers wanting a bit of British cattiness will still find it here, though, in the form of the sisters' indomitable aunt. Modiste fittings, social gaffes, and chapter titles such as "In Which Plum Pudding Is Vulgar" round off this fun, frilly debut that is sure to go straight to Regency fans' hearts.

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