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The Promise of Stardust - Priscille Sibley *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

In Priscille Sibley's debut novel, The Promise of Stardust, ethical gray areas collide with matters of the heart as a husband fights for the life of his unborn baby while his wife slowly fades away.

Matt and Elle's marriage has survived four miscarriages, but Matt is unwilling to put Elle's health at risk by trying for a baby again. Elle argues that life is about risk, but Matt knows he could never live without his childhood friend, his high school sweetheart, his beloved wife. When a drastic fall leaves Elle brain dead and dependent on life support, however, Matt prepares to let her go, knowing that Elle's greatest fear is a slow, lingering death like the one her mother endured. Then the hospital staff tells Matt Elle is eight weeks pregnant. As a doctor, he knows the baby has next to no chance of survival, but as the husband of a woman who wanted a child more than anything in the world, he knows he has to give the fetus every chance to thrive.

Unfortunately for Matt, he's not the only person who loves Elle. While Elle's father supports Matt's decision to continue her life support, her younger brother and Matt's own mother side against him. The families quickly become embroiled in a vicious lawsuit while Matt's life begins to disintegrate without Elle.

While flashbacks to Matt and Elle's love story occasionally grow maudlin, Sibley still provides a tender and thoughtful probing of a sensitive and difficult issue.

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