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Wonderland - Tommy Kovac,  Sonny Liew I approached this book with a deep fear of drowning in waves of Disneyfied cuteness. Having read it, allow me to say...SQUEEEEEE!!!

I'm glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, while the artwork is candy-shop sweet, it actually fits right in with Carroll's Wonderland: magical and fun on the surface, but full of asymmetry and danger just below the surface. I never felt that the art became sweet to a commercialized extent.

Most of the major Wonderland characters are present here, with the welcome exception of Alice. Personalities are preserved and accurately presented in a way that allows the characters to steer the story, rather than bending the characters to fit a new plot. The new heroine Mary Ann is a delightful, yet not saccharine, girl who remains practical and cheerful but also gives the occasional glimpse of her own dark side. In the end, this story even has a sly be-true-to-yourself moral built in, without being preachy or losing the Wonderland atmosphere.

My advice? Forget Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Spend your time with this skillful reimagining instead.

Recommend to: Carroll fans, female Homo sapiens ages 10+, anyone who loves a good comic.

Don't recommend to: Horrid judgmental purists.