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Pigeons from Hell

Pigeons From Hell - Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox, Dave Stewart Summary: In this revamp of the 1938 short story, two sisters take a trip with friends to inspect the decrepit plantation house they've inherited. Unfortunately, the house is possessed, and gruesome deaths ensue before the sisters are ready to battle the house's curse.

Verdict: Skip it.

Yay!: The plotline is creative. Suspense runs high; once the characters first escape the house, the reader will want to beg them not to go back. The body/injury count is both gore-spattered and extensive. Also, the ghosts are cute, in a weird way.

Nay!: Purists may hate the extreme liberties taken with the original plot. Much is added, names are changed, genders are changed, and even the explanation of the curse has been given a different slant. Secondary characters exist just to raise the casualty-meter. The art could have been better, too; when I first saw the two heroines, I thought they were zombies.