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Marvel Mythos (v. 1)

Mythos (Mythos, Volume 1) - Paul Jenkins, Paolo Manuel Rivera Summary: This collection of origin tales details the beginnings of many beloved superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Captain America.

Verdict: Messy art and old news make this an unnecessary read that hardcore fans may still appreciate.

Yay!: The premise seems to be a slight update and modernization of the origin stories, though not in any earth-shattering way. Younger readers who don't know the stories might enjoy these. The Captain America story in particular was done quite well.

Nay!: The art is very stylized and hard on the eyes. The panels looks painted rather than drawn, and the blurry effect gets old, fast. Speaking of old, these origin stories have been told so many times in print and film that there are no surprises here, making for an uneventful experience.

For a better origin story, try: Green Lantern Vol. 6: Secret Origin