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Trotsky: A Graphic Biography - Rick Geary, Andrew Helfer I had mixed feelings about this one. I think the best label to slap on it is "great for the history classroom." Soviet history, while incredibly rich in violence, intrigue, revolution, and other exciting aspects, is often told in the most incredibly boring ways, as if the whole shebang is just one long tale of stodgy bearded men arguing.

I felt that the author had a difficult time juggling the historical/political facts with Trotsky's personal life. I often found myself thinking, "Wait, is he still with the same wife? Is she in exile, or with him?" because the narrative would just pick threads up and drop them with no apparent rhyme or reason. I rarely say this, but the book could have benefited from 20-30 additional pages.

Still, the art is nicely done (the cover is particularly interesting), and Trotsky comes across as very human and relate-able.

Recommend to: History classrooms, history fans