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Takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil, Volume 1 - Nakashima Kazuki,  Karakara Kemuri Summary: Three mercenary type guys strike up an uneasy fellowship to seek a fabled weapon.

Characters: I had a hard time getting a handle on the characters at first, but eventually they grew on me. I think they are supposed to symbolize the three elements of Earth, Water, and Air: the powerful but moral ex-soldier, the loquacious traveling opportunist, and the mysterious martial artist. These three have a nice ensemble chemistry which mainly consists of picking on each other for now, but will probably deepen into brotherly bonds over the course of the series.

Plot: Heroes on a quest is a manga staple. Thrown into the mix this time, though, are an army of one-breasted woman warriors, an opposing force of invincible earth spirits, and a prophecy that our heroes seem destined to fulfill. The stage is nicely set by the end of volume one.

Art: Rakish heroes, beautiful queens, and fierce warriors. It's your usual fantasy manga, and isn't that what we came for?

Writing/Dialogue: While it isn't anything mind-boggling, the writing is solid and the dialogue supports characterization.

Ending: By the end of the volume, all of the basic plot points are in place and the series is ready to roll.

What more did I want?: This volume got off to a slow start, and I wanted to put it down at first. I will probably give the series another shot and read volume two.