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Ruptures - Sylvain Runberg, Serge Pellé ***This review is for Orbital #1 and #2***

Summary: In a futuristic setting where humans have had wars with alien races and finally entered a Star-Trek-like interplanetary alliance, a human diplomatic agent and his alien partner must work together to settle a dispute between the aliens who say they own a mining planet, and the humans who have colonized and mined it.

Verdict: Surprisingly good. I would recommend this especially to fans of the Star Trek TV series.

Yay!: What a fun comic! The illustrations are terrific and colorful, each alien species distinct. The plot is reminiscent of Star Trek: Some bad stuff is going down on a distant world, and it's up to our heroes to sort it out.

This comic is heavy on the action, with hoards of giant killer space bugs, explosions, battle simulations, etc.

Nay!: Because the volumes are so short and action-packed, character development and plot twists are at a minimum. The good guys are the good guys, end of story. Occasionally we get backstory on the human/alien conflicts, which is purely expository and slightly bogs down the works.

Fun detail: The human hero has yet to discover the gender of his alien partner. Apparently you can't tell by looking, and it's considered extremely rude in their culture to ask!