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Higurashi When They Cry: Abducted by Demons Arc, Vol. 2 - Ryukishi07, Karin Suzuragi ***This is my review for volumes 1 and 2 both***

Summary: Keiichi loves his new town and school. His classmates are extra-friendly, incredibly adorable girls who dote on him. However, he quickly learns that his town has a violent past and that his friends are not as sweet as they seem.

Verdict: Awesome! But, uh, maybe don't read it at bedtime like I did.

Yay!: This series is seriously scary. It starts off exactly like a typical harem manga, complete with fan service, but the tension begins to build almost immediately. Volume 1 is mostly clues and setup, but a big creepy reveal at the end of it will hook the reader. Volume 2 keeps the chills coming by closely following the main character's descent into panic as his possessed friends torment him. While Volume 1 spends most of its time getting into the reader's head, Volume 2 is quite the little gore fest.

Nay!: Volume 1 is a slow starter, and the happy shojo vibes might put off the impatient reader.