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Ender's Shadow: Battle School - Mike Carey, Sebastian Fiumara Summary: This graphic novel gives the backstory of Bean, a secondary character in the Ender series. Tiny Bean survives in a street gang by means of his wits until finally a caring nun recommends him for Battle School. He excels, but discrimination against his size and social status may hold him back.

Verdict: Pretty spiffy.

Yay!: This book pleasantly surprised me. Character development is strong all around, particularly Bean's. His ability to perceive the intentions of others and strategize accordingly makes him believable as a prodigy. The story of his life before Battle School is gritty but interesting, and the side plot involving the search for his point of origin adds depth as well. The art is surprisingly well-done, especially when compared to Ender's Game: Battle School.

Nay!: I found the cliffhanger at the ending a little unbelievable, but will not elaborate so as to prevent spoilage.