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Train + Train, Volume 1 - Eiki Eiki Summary: Asahi's only dream in life is a career on a train. He seems well on his way to realizing it when he lands a job as an attendant at a train station. When he arrives, however, he finds that his assigned station is staffed by male attendants handsome enough to have achieved teen idol status, and one beautiful and butch girl. Asahi has only been selected because of his adorable, cuddly appearance, and his aptitude for the work isn't high. Will he be able to hack it as a train attendant, or will he lose his dreams?

Verdict: Cute!

Yay!: Judging by volume one, this series is much better than the premise would lead one to believe. The premise is ridiculous, but the plot stands by it staunchly. Past that, we have a lot of fan service of the shojo/yaoi variety and a few laughs.

Nay!: So far, there's an entire reverse harem but no female love interest, which may disappoint some female readers. Also, this reviewer has no problem with this, but the dialogue and humor frequently involves homosexuality. I think this series would be a great addition to a library's teen collection, but if you are in a super-conservative community, be aware of the thematic elements.