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Green Manor Vol.1: Assassins and Gentlemen: Assassins and Gentlemen v. 1 - Fabien Vehlmann Summary: Victorian murder mystery comic featuring some unsavory characters. Episodic plotlines include a bumbling duo who set out to kill Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a group of club members who get more than they bargained for when they attend a poisoner's lecture, and a young detective so adept at catching murderers that he outsmarts himself into a trap.

Yay!: Many of the stories are cleverly designed and would be great for fans of the Sherlock Holmes series or Edgar Allen Poe. The full-color art is lively and fun.

Nay!: May cause short story fatigue and drowsiness. As with any series of unconnected short stories, these eventually start to feel like the same story over and over, even though they're really quite distinct.

Verdict: Probably best for middle school through about 10th grade, but a good time nonetheless.