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The Killing Song - P.J. Parrish How far would you go to catch the murderer of a loved one? For journalist Matt Owens, no distance is too great in pursuit of the man who abducted his younger sister from a dance club and brutally murdered her. When Matt realizes the killer downloaded a violent song onto his sister's iPod, he believes it holds the key to finding the man. The lyrics lead him from Florida to France, where his search connects him with a beautiful inspector obsessed with finding the same monster, revealed to the reader as a professional cellist. Matt and Eve's hunt takes them from upscale apartments to a Scottish castle to the catacombs beneath Paris. Can they stop the murderer before he plays his killing song again?

The two sisters who write as P.J. Parrish prove conclusively that two heads are better than one. The Killing Song alternates between the viewpoints of the flawed hero and the deranged killer. Matt may be a top reporter, but the loss of his sister forces him to realize he needs to change if he's ever to find happiness in his personal life.

Despite the deep emotional elements, though, Parrish keeps the reader's feet to the fire with unrelenting tension. While the graphic murder scenes will bring on chills, the true artillery lies in the detailed insight into the killer's twisted mind as he performs his murders with the same concentration he brings to his music. You may never view classical music the same way again.

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