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Fire  - Kristin Cashore Like "Graceling," this book features a heroine who grows into her power and changes believably over the course of the story, a sweet and well-developed romance, a twisted villain (the same villain from "Graceling"), and a fulfilling ending.

Unfortunately, it also shares "Graceling"'s tendency to wander in the world-building wilderness for pages at a time, as well as its slow start and meandering path to the plot line. Unlike "Graceling", "Fire" has very few action scenes to carry the reader through the long periods of development. I struggled to keep reading through to the heart of the story.

In the end, I was glad I finished it, because I found the ending satisfactory and a little heart-warming. However, I felt that the parallels between this book and its companion/predecessor were great enough to border on formulaic.

Recommend to: Teen girls who love high fantasy, romance, long books, girl power.

Don't recommend to: Anyone with a short attention span or anyone who won't deal well with several mentions of menstruation and casual sex.