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The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan To clarify the incomprehensible blurb on the dust jacket, this book is about a post-zombie-apocalypse environment.

I feel this book raised more questions than it answered. For example, how did the villagers living inside the fence manage to raise enough food? Was this small settlement really able to guard a fence large enough to encircle farms as well as shops and homes? Why did the villagers allow themselves to be co-opted into a super-religious lifestyle under the control of some secretive nuns who never give any reason for their own authority? Of course, why are there zombies, where did they come from, and what is the role of the evil nuns in their propagation? The last question is the only one I expect the other books to answer, because this is, of course, the first in a series. However, the first volume didn't drop enough hints that I want to keep reading and find the answers.

This book reads quickly. The heroine is well-drawn and has a spine of solid steel, but the supporting characters are extremely weak and feel unfinished by comparison. The plot is fast-moving with a heavy amount of action and zombie slaying, but I didn't feel the characters really accomplished anything.

Recommend to: Anyone who likes a zombie story or a post-apocalyptic story, teens who need escapist fiction.

Don't recommend to: The very squeamish, anyone who demands a happy ending every time.