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The Lost Conspiracy - Frances Hardinge While the plot is incredibly slow and the book could have been better had it been at least 100 pages shorter, the writing here is beautiful and the world-building is flawless. The civilizations and their customs ring true, and are more reminiscent of ancient South American cultures than the standard pre-industrial European-type villages so popular in fantasy works. I will say that all the talk of installing gems in teeth made me wince, though! The heroine showed plenty of grit in her actions, but I felt that her personality seemed flat. I was more involved with the secondary characters than with Hathin herself. Ultimately the walking-speed plot made this book tough to trudge through, but I'm intrigued enough that I will probably read the author's earlier work.

Recommend to: Fantasy readers age 12-15 who like long reads and have plenty of patience, readers who like well-built worlds with PLENTY of detail, Harry Potter fans, anyone sick of the angst and overly-dramatized romance in YA fiction today

Don't recommend to: Readers who prefer page-turners, anyone who's just had or needs dental work