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Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer - Van Jensen, Dusty Higgins This book had so much potential but completely turned me off. The recap at the beginning was extensive but necessary to explain the plot to anyone who hasn't read Pinocchio. I prefer authors who can weave backstory into the main plot and create a story anyone can love, regardless of whether they read a related work. I loved the idea: Pinocchio lies, cuts off his nose-growth, and sharpens stakes from it. Inspired! However, the art style is cartoonishly unexciting, and the plot is cute but not strong enough to carry a book. The laughs fall flat and the surprise twist is no surprise at all. However, this book might do well with younger readers who are on a lower level, provided they're mature enough to deal with the statement that Gepetto molested Pinocchio.

Recommend to: 14+, low-level readers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, anyone who absolutely loves all comic books

Don't recommend to: Higher level readers