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No More Us for You - David Hernandez This book is like the guy you go to prom with when the one you wanted to ask didn't: nice, fun to spend time with, charming, but at the end of the day, not a long-term relationship prospect.

The writing is above average quality for YA fiction. Character development happens, as do some funny, sad, and touching moments. However, the book never gets off the ground, and what could have been a tear-jerking, heart-winning story remains pedestrian and unresolved. Still, it's worth a read since it goes by quickly, and I'd like to see more YA efforts from this author. As for whether teens will like it, I simply can't think of anything that's going to catch a young reader's attention, not even using the word "coitus."

Recommend to: 14+, someone who wants a fairly light sad story.