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The Storm in the Barn - Matt Phelan Were I to base my review solely on the art, this book would easily nab five stars. It's an incredibly beautiful and expressive piece in that arena, with the use of color and the amazingly rendered facial expressions lingering in the mind long after the book is closed.

Unfortunately, the story never gels. While the historical elements were both poignant and well-delivered, the main story of Jack versus the King of Storms lacked development. The use of American tall tales is a great touch, but this story doesn't stand up. The villain isn't given enough development and shows up so late in the story that he's overshadowed by earlier events. Some plot lines are left hanging, such as that of Jack's ill sister, and I didn't buy the change in Jack's father's attitude toward Jack in the end of the book. However, the book could still hold its own on a classroom shelf and certainly merits a place in a public library collection.

There is a rabbit massacre, which may not sit well with very young readers. While it isn't graphic, it is deathly sad and could upset a sensitive child. This is a graphic novel and does not double as a picture book.

Recommend to: Ages 10+, historical fiction fans