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Tales from Outer Suburbia - Shaun Tan If you're reading this review, STOP AND GO FIND THIS BOOK AND READ IT RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWNOWNOWNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book is incredible.

The art is beautiful. I want every single page in poster size. I will FIND the space to hang them all, even if some have to go on my back yard fence.

The stories are beyond strange. Each is a seemingly pointless surrealist jaunt that will leave you with a message. This book has something to say about the reality of true love, about war and terrorism, about finding the unique beauty of your life even if you are miserable, about suburban sprawl, about unsaid words, about animal abuse and animal rescue, and about the moment when you realize something that seems small and ordinary can become the most desperately important thing in your world. The writing is by turns wistfully funny, tack sharp, and haunting.

Recommend to: Anyone, really, but especially fans of absurdity that makes a statement a la Alice's Adventures In Wonderland: In Black & White

Don't recommend to: That one guy/girl, you know the one, who just won't get it. But maybe ask them to try anyway.