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Cat Burglar Black - Richard Sala Summary: Orphan K. was raised in an orphanage where all the children were taught to become pickpockets. When she is sent to a girls' boarding school by a long-lost aunt, K. vows to give up burglary, until the school turns out to be run by an international organization of thieves. With her fellow students, K. participates in three heists to bring together a series of paintings that will give a clue to the location of a secret treasure. But with her friends disappearing and the plot thickening, K. finds all is still not what it seems.

Plot: Undertones of child abuse make for a dark read.

Characters: The evil-doers are evil enough, but K. and her fellow students are bland. Sure, they're great at scaling rooftops and avoiding alarms, but they have no personalities to speak of. Worse, when one of them disappears, the others accept it entirely too easily. Even though K. has her questions, she too just kind of says, "Huh," and goes on with her life.

Dialogue/Writing: Readable enough. I wish the characters had spoken in more distinct voices.

Pacing: This book is very short and moves at a rapid clip.

Art: The full-color line-drawings are a little bit gothic and a lot of fun.

Ending: The ending leaves plenty of loose ends for a sequel while still managing to wrap up too neatly.

What more did I want?: A much stronger heroine.