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Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei 1: The Power of Negative Thinking - Koji Kumeta Summary: A string of odd students bring mayhem and misfortune to their suicidal, negative-minded teacher.

Characters: Zetsubou-sensei is the most relentlessly negative person imaginable. He could see the bad side of winning the lottery. While his shtick is a little funny at first, his shrieking paranoia and lack of any other defining characteristics quickly wears thin. He comes equipped with a large supporting cast of odd students, including a shut-in who refuses to leave the school, a serial stalker, and his exact opposite: a girl who sees the positive in every situation.

Plot: This manga is episodic. Every chapter finds Zetsubou dealing with a new problem student. Each problem student becomes a recurring character, but you could easily open to any chapter and pick up the plotline with no problem.

Art: This series is prettily drawn, especially the silhouettes on the chapter title pages.

Writing/Dialogue: This is a comedy manga, and the dialogue has some spring in its step. The jokes are pretty clever.

Ending: Since there isn't an overall story arc, the ending isn't a cliffhanger or a revelation. It's just a pause before the next volume.

What more did I want?: To smack the hero and say, "Stop. Screaming. Like a little girl."