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The Miracle Stealer - Neil Connelly Summary: Three years ago, Andi's three-year-old brother Daniel fell into a mine shaft and was buried alive, then heroically rescued as the nation watched the entire ordeal on the evening news. Think "Baby Jessica in the well." Three years later, people all over the country still consider Daniel a miracle child, resurrected by God and graced with healing powers. His sister Andi believes she knows better: Daniel is just an ordinary little boy at the center of some weird coincidences. His fame has already caused him trauma, and more than anything, she wants him to have a normal life. After an encounter with a deranged stalker and with the arrival of a group of "Pilgrims" who want to worship her brother, Andi concocts a plan to stop the madness before her brother is psychologically scarred for life.

Verdict: GREAT idea, GREAT start, but it's a long way downhill from there.

Yay!: This book comes out of the gate like a champion. The first two or three chapters are vibrant and tense. Andi is a great heroine: capable (of fixing cars!), practical, and devoted to her little brother. The reader will definitely see her side of the argument.

Different sides of faith are explored, including overzealous faith, lack of faith, deep and joyful faith, and general confusion about what to believe.

Nay!: This book suffers from sagging middle. After chapter four, my mind started to drift, and I sleep-walked through the rest of the novel. Much of what happens could have been replaced with material more pertinent to the plot. While the stories of how Daniel's "gift" has wrecked their family and hurt Daniel are interesting, we also get a love story that seems entirely beside the point. The heroine's plot to save her brother is extreme and far-fetched, not something a bright, level-headed girl like Andi would realistically expect to work.

Wtf?: The book takes a turn for the weird with an out-of-place plot climax. Really, the end of it is a dramatic but disappointing mess.