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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Rachel Cohn, David Levithan Summary: Just before Christmas, Dash finds a red leather notebook on the shelf of a favorite bookstore. So begins a thought-swapping, dare-making, clue-leaving exchange with Lily, a total stranger, all through the medium of the notebook, until they finally meet in person.

Plot: Cutest plot EVER. This book begs to be made into a romantic comedy film. Aside from the dares in the notebook, we also get a look at Dash and Lily's individual Christmases and family foibles, so this love story has some meat on its bones, as well.

Characters: The point of view alternates between Dash and Lily. Dash is sardonic and a little arrogant, but also charming and earnest. Lily is enthusiastic, naive, and, in my opinion, totally adorable.

Writing: While Dash and Lily have distinct voices, both are chatty, witty, and a joy to read. The story references Franny and Zooey frequently, and the writing honestly manages to capture shades of Salinger at his sprightliest. The sarcasm never descends to full-on snark, and the angst never goes over-dramatic.

Ending: Sweet as blueberry-and-brie Rice Krispie treats!

Issues: This book needed some fact-checking. Apollo is referenced as a messenger rather than Hermes, and we all know that Hermione's last name is, start-to-finish, NEVER Potter.

Library-worthy?: Yay!