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Ender's Game, Vol 1: Battle School (Ender's Saga - Orson Scott Card, Pasqual Ferry, Christopher Yost Summary: In response to alien attacks, the government is recruiting talented children to lead the military against future strikes. Ender Wiggins is thought to potentially have the right mixture of qualities for effective leadership against the aliens, so he is enrolled in Battle School, where combat maneuvers and psychological probing make up the majority of the curriculum.

Verdict: Meh.

I should preface my comments by admitting that I have never read the novel, so I'm not biased in that regard. I have, however, read Ender's Shadow: Battle School, which probably colored my expectations.

Yay!: The story has great originality. The action sequences are well-done. Even without having read the novel, I could follow the plot easily, so I would say that familiarity with the original is not a requirement.

Nay!: The art felt unemotional, and the character development wasn't strong. Occasionally a work-specific term such as "third" is unexplained and requires a wait for better context clues. Overall, the book felt too skeletal.