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Sweet, Hereafter - Angela Johnson Summary: Shoogie moves out of her family home and into a cabin in the woods with a former soldier. They share a sweet but tenuous connection until tragedy intervenes.

Verdict: Confusion.

Yay!: The book is short and easy to read, which makes it great for reluctant or slow readers, but also deep, which gives it broader appeal. Dreamy prose and a pared-down plot let Shoogie's emotion float to the surface. Johnson's writing shines.

Nay!: I haven't read all three books in the Heaven trilogy. Apparently Shoogie is the friend of an earlier heroine, and if you haven't read that book, you've missed a lot of her backstory. I felt a little confused. I understood that she left home because she felt out of place, but that part of her story wasn't developed much here. I never felt connected to either of the main characters, perhaps because their relationship was so new and neither felt chatty.

Shameless plugging of a favorite: Have you read The First Part Last? It's terrific!