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The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, Sebastian Fiumara, Roy Thomas Summary: You know the classic story. A talented artist paints a beautiful portrait of a beautiful, innocent young man called Dorian Gray, but accidentally introduces said naif to a reprobate who leads him astray. However debauched and depraved Dorian's actions become, he himself always appears to be 18 and in perfect health. The portrait is affected by his choices, though, and changes over the years to show his the true, cruel face of his soul.

Verdict: Could be useful to attract new readers to the novella, but if you've already read the original, take a pass.

Yay!: The story arc is faithfully preserved in this retelling, and the pacing is just fast enough to be interesting. Some of Wilde's original text is kept or worked into the background. The prologue is absent, but a few lines of it are dropped as witticisms at parties.

Nay!: The art is flat and uninspired. The text adaptation is bland and most of Wilde's wit has been leeched out. This take on the favorite fails to breathe fresh air into an old tale yet borrows none of the original's grace.