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The Nobody - Jeff Lemire Summary: A stranger who keeps his face hidden with bandages moves into a small town's motel to hide from the world. He soon finds that his idea of the quiet hamlet was uninformed as the bored inhabitants begin to speculate on the secret that lies beneath his bandages: Nothing.

Verdict: A pleasant effort.

Yay!: The author immediately deserves credit for doing a graphic novel about an invisible man. Planning a story told in pictures that will involve not being able to see a character at times is brave.

The characters are either easy to relate to or come from that stock cast every small town, real or fictitious, seems to have. The plot largely centers around the (platonic and non-creepy) relationship that develops between the stranger and a teenage girl who seeks his company out of boredom, but when the stranger's past catches up with him, real action happens. The two-color illustrations work well to heighten the reader's awareness of light and shadow.

Nay!: While the book is nice enough, it didn't plumb the depths of character and plot development and thus didn't realize its full potential.

Sort-of read-alike: The Invisible Man