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Cthulhu Tales, Volume 2: The Whisper of Madness - Mark Waid, Steve Niles, William Messner-Loebs Summary: Various authors offer comic (and occasionally comical) short stories dealing with Cthulu.

Verdict: A grisly but often fun introduction to the world of Lovecraft.

Yay!: The stories are often creative, from the baseball fans that involve Cthulu in their team's fortune, to the creepy possessed priest, to the college girl who wants to be a powerful witch and is just SO BORED with life in general. For horror fans, plenty of gore is slung around. A dark sense of humor is necessary to appreciate many of the stories.

Nay!: Some of the plot devices grew redundant. The tentacles shooting from corpses gets wearisome, for example. Not all of the stories are winners. Also, the actual scare factor isn't high at all.