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Karakuri Odette Volume 1 - Julietta Suzuki Summary: Odette is a sophisticated android/robot who wants to learn to be human. Her creator allows her to go to high school under the condition that no one will know she isn't human. In this volume, the main characters are introduced, Odette learns that being herself can be better than being human sometimes, and she and her creator must face a reluctant suicide bomber.

Yay!: This manga is cute, sweet-but-not-saccharine, and thoughtful. While the premise is hardly unique, it doesn't feel worn out. Also, the maturity level is low enough for mid-grades and younger teens. You won't find a ton of fan service here, folks.

Nay!: Because it's not an original premise and because the writing is on a lower level, older teens and adults may not get into the story.