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The Name of the Flower Vol. 1 - Ken Saitō, 斎藤 けん Summary: Chouko has lived with Kei since her parents died in a car accident her first year of high school. Her guardian is a gruff-but-sexy author 12 years her senior. In this first volume, the two have each realized their love for each other but are both too fragile and hesitant to act on it. Still, Chouko is staying with Kei, keeping his house, and tending his garden even though he told her she could move out when she started college.

Yay!: What a prettily drawn series! So refined. The main characters balance each other: Chouko is sweet and delicate with a core of steel, while Kei is rude and cold but hiding a vulnerable heart. Kei's editor is a fun side character. From this volume, I would predict a shy, sweet love story.

Nay!: The love story has its questionable elements. First of all, Kei is twelve years older and something of a father figure to Chouko. Also, while she is at the age of majority in the beginning of the story, she certainly was not when he fell for her. Finally, the reason he was allowed to assume guardianship of her: He and her deceased father were cousins. Which makes Chouko and Kei...also cousins. None of these elements alone are enough to frighten away most readers, but the combination may feel a little eepy-cray to some.