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We Were There, Volume 4 - Yuuki Obata ***This review is for volumes 1-4***

Summary: Nana has a crush on Yano, but he's still upset over the death of his last girlfriend. When the two do get together, it's the stereotypical "girl wants to be loved forever, boy wants to have sex" contrast. Finally, a secret from Yano's past threatens the lovebirds' shaky relationship.

Yay!: Well, the portrayal of teen romance is certainly spot-on. The constant flip between whether Yano's deceased girlfriend was a victim or a b-word is interesting.

Nay!: Oh, the endless angst! Once again, it's teen heroine thinking she's desperately in love with the cute guy who treats her like dirt. I liked Nana's habit of smacking Yano back into line when they were friends, but after they got together, she turned into an over-dramatic doormat. The story is difficult to get into unless you just love soap operas. I wouldn't recommend it.

Added weirdness: The heroine shares a name with the dead girlfriend, but not much is made of the coincidence.