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Crogan's Vengeance - Chris Schweizer Summary: To entertain and illustrate a moral to his young son, a father tells the story of their ancestor Catfoot Crogan, a turn-of-the-18th-century pirate! Crogan begins as an honest sailor but is impressed into a pirate ship's crew, where he witnesses all manner of bloodshed, mayhem, and mutiny.

Verdict: It shivered me timbers! That's fake-pirate-talk for, awesome!

Yay!: Crogan could kick Jack Sparrow's butt all the way to world's end. The art is black and white but easy to follow. Somehow it manages to be cute and serious at the same time. The story packs a heavy wallop with violence, vengeance, moral questions, and general swashbucklery. Crogan is a hothead with easily offended honor, but he's also a standup young guy that the reader will root for.

Nay!: I'm not sure the frame story of the father and child is necessary. Crogan doesn't need a preface or an excuse!

Also: Why didn't my dad tell me pirate stories? All I ever got was a lecture and sent to my room.