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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 02 - Karuho Shiina ***This is my review for volumes 1&2.***

Summary: Sawako has the lowest self-esteem in the world, and with good reason. She's so spooky-looking with her pale skin and Ringu hair that the kids at school think she's a witch and call her Sadako. They aren't just teasing, either. By this point, the gag has gone on so long that they've started to believe it and are actually scared of her. But her fortune starts to change when the most popular and friendly boy in her class takes a liking to her.

Yay!: This story sounded like a drag, but it turned out to be surprisingly funny and sweet. Sawako's continuous attempts to be cheerful and friendly when her classmates simply cannot change their minds about her are a little inspiring. She sees the hero as perfect, but his inner monologue reveals his emotions and insecurities, keeping him from becoming an unrealistic ideal.

Nay!: Sometimes Sawako needs life spelled out a little more than is believable, and the romantic misunderstandings can get old. Also, for someone who's supposed to look like a creepy witch, Sawako is awfully cute!