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Marching For Freedom: Walk Together Children and Don't You Grow Weary - Elizabeth Partridge Summary: A look at the events surrounding and leading up to the Selma freedom march, told partly from the perspective of teenagers who were involved.

Verdict: A must for the middle school American history classroom.

Yay!: Finding people who were teen participants in the marches and telling their stories here is an inspired idea. The narrow focus (not trying to tell the entire story of the civil rights movement in a slim book) allows for greater detail about the events covered. Mood-setting elements like the march song lyrics personalize the story and contrast with the frank descriptions of the tension and violence the marchers faced.

Nay!: This book is supposed to focus on the teens involved in the marches, but it often skews away from their perspectives to provide drier historical detail. Also, the book could have included more direct quotes from interviews rather than the author's summations, which were a bit overemotional and clumsy at times. With material like this, the facts can create emotion on their own.

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