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The Twilight Zone: Death's-Head Revisited - Rod Serling, Mark Kneece, Chris Lie Summary: Graphic novel adaptation of a Twilight Zone episode in which a former concentration camp administrator who escaped the Nuremberg trials revisits the scene of his crimes, only to find the ghosts of the people he killed waiting for revenge.

Verdict: Meh. Skip it.

Yay!: It's a sick truth, but it just feels good to see concentration camp ghosts get vengeance against their murderer. Also, the art is actually pretty nice: colorful, clear, and uncluttered.

Nay!: The plot is minimal and predictable, and while the art is just fine, the dialogue is poorly written. Even though the subject is a touchy one, the book actually suffers from a lack of emotion.

Other (potentially better) Holocaust graphic novels: X-Men: Magneto Testament, The Complete Maus