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The Eternal Smile: Three Stories - Gene Luen Yang, Derek Kirk Kim Summary: A prince finds his stereotypical fantasy kingdom is not as it appears. A greedy, anthropomorphized frog learns that he isn't who he thinks. Finally, a mousy woman in a dead-end job places her faith in the email huckster who claims to be a Nigerian prince.

Verdict: While this book may not be for everyone, its message makes it at least worth a try.

Yay!: All of the stories in this book involve the choice between reality and fantasy, with the final story offering a sweet but disquieting synthesis between the two. The art is fun and funky, only making the jump to beautiful in the final story.

Nay!: The humor in this book is dark and may not appeal to everyone. Conversely, the art is bright and colorful and may also not appeal to everyone.