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Same Difference - Siobhan Vivian Summary: Feeling jealous and left-out now that her BFF-since-forever Meg has a boyfriend, Emily decides to spend her summer vacation in art school in Philadelphia instead of hanging out by the pool in the Jersey burbs. Over the summer, she learns that she doesn't have to change who she is to be a good artist, just be who she is.

Verdict: A sweet, readable story.

Yay!: What I love about this book is the way it captures the feeling that our exterior must exactly match our interior, down to the friends we have and what we wear, or others will not take us seriously. Emily feels that to be an artist, she must have artsy clothes and artistic friends, to the exclusion of all else. This story is about the lesson that she can find a balance between her old and new relationships, and that she doesn't have to be exotic to prove her talent.

The writing is pleasant and inventive, particularly when discussing art or Emily's new friend Fiona.

Nay!: The romance is weak and just serves to create conflict. The ending is predictable and wrap up too neatly, but elements of it are true to life.