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Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves Summary: In the town of Portero, Texas, dangerous creatures roam the woods and fairy doors intersect with reality. Kit and Fancy, daughters of the notorious Bonesaw Killer, use their talent for getting through these doors to hide the bodies of their own victims. While the sisters have grown up together and share a love of killing, dissecting, and dismembering, lately they've started to grow apart. Kit is ready to grow up and fall in love, but Fancy wants to remain in the safe childhood world where it's just the two of them. Kit wants Fancy to lighten up, and she's also unhappy that her sister wants to kill using her imaginary minions rather than by hand. With their dispositions, blood is sure to spill...

Yay!: If you make it through the blood splatters and get into the second half of the book, the tension between the sisters becomes explosive and interesting. The characters grow, change, and learn to settle their differences. More secondary characters are introduced late in the book, and the setting and plot finally catch up with the action, so the book eventually goes from weird and disgusting to twisted and clever.

Nay!: The plot takes forever to move. The first half of the book is heavily padded with gratuitous violence that doesn't advance the story, leaving me grossed out but bored. The setting wasn't explained or developed well, and I had to read reviews of [b:Bleeding Violet|6364657|Bleeding Violet (Portero, #1)|Dia Reeves|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/413SbGwy1pL._SL75_.jpg|6551896] to get some background. Since this is a companion novel and not a sequel, that shouldn't have been necessary. Also, Fancy is a strange heroine who's not easy to sympathize with. While she starts out as the sister who is more hesitant about killing, once she figures out how they can kill without getting caught, she becomes extremely cruel. Her obsessive need to possess her sister and stay a little girl forever gets disturbing after a while, and it's so deep-seated that I didn't believe the speedy resolution of her issues toward the end of the book.

Verdict: Nice, unique effort, though very front-heavy.

Warning: Librarians in conservative areas, beware. This book is not just filled with graphic violence, the two teen heroines kill people (not monsters or what have you) for sport, including other teens. Oh, also there's sexual content. Basically, it's the kind of book parents get upset about, so if you're going to have it in your collection, read it and be able to defend it.