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Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler Summary: Delilah's life sucks. Her mom is so engrossed in her career, she's forgotten Delilah exists. Her grades have slipped. Her most thrilling moments are hook-ups with her "non-boyfriend," and she just got busted for shoplifting a lipstick...absent-mindedly...accidentally! But when her grandma dies and her mother takes her to the family home in Vermont for the summer to settle the estate, Delilah sees a chance to reconnect with her family and get to the heart of a fight that has divided herself and her mother from her grandmother and aunt for eight years, as well as get to know the boy who used to be her best summer friend and is now quite a catch. But when she finds a diary belonging to her mother's other sister, who died as a teenager, Delilah begins to unravel a family secret that will change everything she thought she knew about her mother and herself.

Verdict: Surprisingly pleasant and readable, great for Sarah Dessen fans.

Yay!: I'm not a fan of girly family-drama novels, but the characters in this book are well-rounded and sympathetic. Delilah is a sensitive girl. She can be a little whiny, but at the end of the day, her desire to better herself and fix her family is touching. Her aunt and her mother are completely different and somehow completely the same, just like real sisters often can be. The love interest is a worthy boy with his own hopes, dreams, and backstory.

Nay!: All in all, this book is a little TOO optimistic and that created a sense of imbalance for me. The ending is especially too good to be true. Also, the big family secret is VERY juicy, but it's also easy to figure out ahead of time.

Cosmetic: Great cover art! It's girly and playful but serious, with the middle paper doll taped together to represent how Delilah feels torn between her mother and the rest of her family when she just wants them all to stand together.