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Not That Kind of Girl - Siobhan Vivian Summary: Natalie isn't your typical boy-crazy high school girl. She has no time for immature, untrustworthy high school boys, she has no time for noisy parties, and she really has only one friend, Autumn. Natalie cares about school work and succeeding as student council president, and you would think that with her level of focus, that success would come easily...but no. First, there's Spencer, a girl Natalie used to babysit, who is now all "grown up" and flashing her panties at senior boys. Natalie feels like with the right amount of mentoring, she can get Spence back on the right path...or will Spencer drag her onto the wrong one? Then there's Autumn, who apparently didn't learn enough from one bad dating experience and is starting to want a social life again. Finally, there's Connor, who Natalie always dismissed as a slacker. She finds herself attracted to him and thinks they can keep their relationship to a few no-strings makeout sessions...but it's hard to balance this extracurricular activity with her above-board activities, plus Connor might want strings, after all. On top of it all, she's desperate to win the approval of her uber-feminist teacher. What's a girl to do?

Verdict: A fun, introspective, and sometimes sexy look at finding balance and losing preconceived notions of what it means to be a "good girl."

Positive: Feminism is great, but not when it morphs into the belief that women are somehow better than men, or that a woman is less of a strong, complete person just because she wants a relationship, and that's where Natalie starts off. She is so concerned with always doing the "right" thing that she's never decided for herself what the right thing is, and why the "wrong" thing is wrong. Watching her evolve and realize that she gets to make these choices for herself was a fun journey, especially as she also realized she had no right to dictate these choices for others, either. The sex-kitten freshman girl was also a fun character who had amazing spirit that was amazingly misdirected. Her actions spoke to how quickly girls try to become women without quite knowing what that means.

Although the themes are serious, this book is light-hearted, sweet, and funny. Natalie is likable despite her uptight demeanor.

Negative: I can't actually remember why I gave this book only three stars, but I suspect I didn't find the writing style hugely impressive.