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Runaways Deluxe, Vol. 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa Concept: A+
Plot: A
Art: A
Writing/Dialogue: B
Character Development: B+
Pacing: A
Ending: A+

Due to being so new to life that they're not up to speed on how it actually works, teenagers tend to believe their parents are either completely mentally challenged or actively trying to ruin their lives. In Runaways, we have 6 teenagers (well, 5 teens and a tween) who are thrown together to run for both their lives and justice when they find out their parents are actually supervillains bent on terrorizing all mankind. All in all, it makes skipping first period to buy donuts feel a little less epic.

This series is a great, heartfelt, and often hilarious adventure as the kids try to survive and save the day in a world where they can't trust anyone but themselves and each other...well, except that one kid who can't be trusted. By the way, how lame was that whole mole thing? I mean, it was a bit obvious, and lost this book a star from me. Still, no self-respecting teen-department-having library should be without this comic, and any adult who still has even fuzzy memories of their adolescence will probably enjoy this as well.

Bonus: Telepathic velociraptor, plus the alien girl's powers are super pretty.